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Dont go near smarthomepro

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    Dont go near smarthomepro

    How many were hit hard by disappearing from the earth after they took in payments for their "Sale"? I lost ~$400 but others are a lot worse off.
    They may have come back as who were recently having another sale- 20% off foscam cameras.
    I requested my goods from SmarthomePro two days ago and this was their reply:
    "We have taken over the customer database of Smarthome Australia who are no longer trading (cease date 1/4/14). We are therefore unable to ship any goods you had outstanding with that company. If we can help you in any other way, please let us know"

    I wonder how they could have obtained the database? I would advise not to be tempted by their sales.

    I recently placed a $700 order with and then found they wouldn't respond to calls or emails. Luckily I paid with PayPal who were able to get my money back. Avoid them too. I've bought from and both seem fine however I was a little peeved after buying two dhs dimmers from and then realizing they only work with momentary switches. Smartliving sell the better quality aeon Labs ones.


      Thats a surprise to hear about diy- I have bought lots from them. Although I also bought from Smarthome a few times before they ran off with everybody's money.
      I also paid thru Paypal but the process of recovery isnt easy- so you got thru the stage of receiving generic emails from Paypal and actually dealt with a person?


        I didn't need to speak with a person. Once you Lodge a PayPal dispute and then escalate to a claim the site has 10 days to respond. Since diy was awol they never replied and my money was returned. Pretty easy process actually.


          Sorry to hear about that guys thanks for letting us know.

          Just FYI I usually deal with the following below without issue.

 ( I've bought heaps from Ralph. email him and he will give you discounts )
 They seem to be getting alot of attention on the forums for good deals.

          I have bought some cheap fibaro binary sensors off this guy from overseas. The only thing is the firmware is the older version v1. Local ones I bought have been v2. Thing is still work fine I hooked them up to my alarm PIR's.

          Be good to keep this Aussie forum going and share some experiences.