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For scene control, how much latency in a hybrid UPB-zwave system?

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    For scene control, how much latency in a hybrid UPB-zwave system?

    How noticeable is the latency in a hybrid UPB-Zwave system?

    At present I'm all z-wave and no UPB, but I'd consider changing out some of the z-wave modules (typically the center switch is a 3 gang of z-wave switches) whose RF communication can appear damped and replacing them with UPB. I have leviton z-wave switches, and an alternative would be to try switching to a different brand and/or model, but the cost would be similar anyway.

    For scene control using z-wave, I'm presently doing scene control with native z-wave scenes without going through HomeSeer. The reason: it adds noticeable latency if I put HS in the middle, whereas it's (mostly) almost instant if done native z-wave. So, I'm wondering if hybrid scene control involving both UPB and z-wave would be just as bad, or worse, or, if it turns out UPB is much lower latency than z-wave, maybe a hybrid approach would still be faster than pure z-wave with HS in the middle.

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    I don't know about the mix but would expect it to be no better or worse. If you have 3/4 ways light system then what I do is to associate switches DIRECTLY with each other and with HS. That is one benefit of z-wave - direct association so you pay one latency (switch/accessory to other switch) instead of switch-2-gatway -> internal gateway delay -> gateway-2-switch. Even with direct association you are down to 50-100ms and it can be noticeable as compared to instant hard wired but it is pretty acceptable.