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CT100 Polling Suggestions & Can I Delete Unused Child Nodes?

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    CT100 Polling Suggestions & Can I Delete Unused Child Nodes?

    Just installed 3 CT100s under HS3 and Zwave 3.0.0150

    1) since this is a hot water zoned heating system only, no AC or Fan can I delete without any problems the unused child nodes like Fan State, Fan Mode, AC Setpoint etc.?

    2) Any recommendations for polling times for the root & other child nodes, humidity, temp, etc.? Thanks

    Polling is sort of up to your needs. I have 8 of them on qa hydronic heating system. I poll the root every 15 min and XX seconds. I poll the operating state every 2 minutes and XX seconds. In the two bathrooms I poll the humidity every 5 min XX seconds. The XX is different on every device so that they don't end up in sync with one another.

    I have found that mode, fan mode and setpoints all report instant status. Humidity and battery also report, but I have been unable to determine the schedule.

    The logic is that I want humidity in the bathrooms to report more frequently to control fans. I also want the operating state to report frequently for events I use to let me know if I have a malfunctioning valve. I can give you details on that if you like. The 15 minute polling on the root updates any child devices that do not report instant status.

    Since mine is heat only I don't care about fan mode, fan state or cooling setpoint. Rather than deleting the unused child nodes, I hid them. If you delete the child nodes, they will always be created again when you rescan. For that reason it is better to check the box to "hide the device from views".
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      Thanks Randy.