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Event Help - Occupancy based announcement

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    Event Help - Occupancy based announcement

    I'm trying to have homeseer speak when I open the front door but only if my location has recently changed and become the house. If I set the trigger to be door opened the only and if option I have is if a device value is ... which means the announcement would happen whenever the front door is opened. Any idea?

    Select the device and see what other option you have.
    Win.2003 OS, HS3
    BLups,BLrain8,HSTouch,Ultrajones Weatherbug,
    AP800,Honeywell Stat


      You need two events and a global counter for this. The first event would be triggered when your "location" device changes to the house. The event would simply set the value of a global counter to 1. The second event would be triggered by the front door and also check if the counter is equal to 1. If so, it would set the counter to 0 to prevent the event from firing if the door is opened again later and then run any additional actions you want to perform.

      Something like this...

      #event 1:
      if location changes to home
      then set counter to 1

      #event 2:
      if front door changes to open
      and counter is equal to 1
      then set counter to 0
      and do stuff ...
      and more stuff ...