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Two profiles.. Local and internet

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    Two profiles.. Local and internet

    Hi Everyone,

    How are you guys dealing with using same device on local network and outside of it on Internets?

    Is there feature that covers that? I have iPad and I have started to design UI to my liking in HSTouch designer.

    My camera is using html links and they are setup using local network (192.168.x.x). Design is deployed to iPad. Everything is working.

    Now, if I go outside I have re-connect to HS with different static IP+port. Unfortunately that will not change things like camera links that are set using local IP's in my design.

    Is there feature to load different design when I connect remotely? Do I have to design two screens for each device that uses local addresses? One with local IPs and one with iport for access from outside?

    What is best approach that worked best for you?

    Thanks Charles

    I connect through a VPN so even when away the connection continues to be a local address.
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      I use my external IP address only in conjunction with a NAT Policy on my firewall that allows me to use the external address when I'm on my local network. The MyHomeseer service should work as well if you are on HS3.

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