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Nest Thermostat buttons

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    Nest Thermostat buttons

    Hi guys,

    I need a little guidance. I got some Nest thermostats and trying Nest plug-in.
    I did add action on release to raise temperature but I don't get any response.
    I'm sure it's something simple that I'm doing wrong.

    I have attached screenshot that is showing my setup. Gym thermostat is showing correct ambient temperature and set point temperature.

    Now I just need to be able to go up and down with the temperature. Anyone with Nest thermostats and HStouch designer?

    Thanks for your help. Charles
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    Never mind..

    I used Control Homeseer Device instead and that worked.. It might be still useful to see where Thermostat action in the picture comes in play.

    I can't really tell yet what is part of the HS3 and what came with Nest plug-in.

    Any input that can shed some light on it would be appreciated.

    Thanks. Charles