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HS2 - HS3 Migration

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    HS2 - HS3 Migration

    Is there a guide or "How To" for migrating from Hs2 to HS3? I didn't see one in the how to area.

    I purchased HS3 before it came out and have not upgraded yet. Am hoping to do that this coming week.

    Thanks, Pete

    I think I should be able to figure this out. I found this:

    Seems to be what I am looking for.

    Thanks, Pete


      A few things I have learned

      I have been migrating from HS2 to HS3 for a while and running both on the same computer.

      I have a ZStick on the old HS2 system and a Z-Troller on the HS3 system. I also have dual Insteon controllers with the Mark Sandler plugin on HS3.

      If you don't plan on running dual with HS2 and HS3 at the same time most of this below will not apply. I don't have a huge network of devices but there is some intricate stuff in scripts and I just did not want to do a "Big Bang" migration.

      You will need some time to play with HS3 (if you have not already done so) to get familiar with the new interface and where to find some of the settings. Running dual HS2 and HS3 let me move at my own pace.

      Some things work differently so you will have to work out a migration strategy. There are some cool things like global variables and global counters. I used these instead of virtual devices that were in HS2.

      I have had no issues moving a device from HS2 to HS3 other than simply finding all of the settings in HS3 but here are a few tips:

      1) If it is a Z-Wave device delete it from the old controller hardware (ZStick or Z-Troller) then add it to the new one. Do a device import on both to sync the HS software with the controller hardware. Delete the device from the old HS2 system after the move.

      2) I generally move Insteon devices by just deleting from the old HS2 device list and add them manually on HS3 with the device id (##.##.##).

      3) If you have X10 just delete from the old HS2 device list and set them up on HS3. I use the Mark Sandler Insteon plugin with X10 enabled.

      4) There is an HS migration software tool but it does NOT move devices only events. That is helpful but you still have some work to do.

      5) You can run HSTouch on both HS2 and HS3 at the same time so long as you modify the INI file in the config directory for one or the other system. The default port number is 10200. Add this:
      portnumber=10201 (or some other port of your choice)
      This took me a while to find. It is clear in the help file but of course I did not look there first. I assumed the setting was port=xxx not portnumber=xxx.
      You will have to also make the change in HSTouch designer for the new port as well as your router if you want to control outside of your LAN.

      Good luck and remember this is not just a "conversion" but a "migration" where you will have to re-implement a few things to achieve the result you want.