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HomeSeer support for Plug-in authors

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    HomeSeer support for Plug-in authors


    I'm having trouble to update my plug-ins. I have sent the updated information to HomeSeer but it took sometimes weeks to get even a response.
    On advise of other plugin authors I now host the plugins myself, and the requested changes that need to be done by HomeSeer are done, but some plugins did not work anymore afterwards. Maybe I did something wrong, but that could be easily corrected because I host them myself. Now the settings for my all plug-ins are set back to the old settings (HomeSeer hosted plugins) and the requested plugin updates (from early november) are still not implemented.

    I mailed and called HomeSeer(today), again with no reaction. (Maybe they are closed for the holiday season)

    What is your opinion/experience on this subject ?

    Rien du Pre
    The Netherlands
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    RFXCOM, mcsMQTT, Z-Wave

    If you have an issue with a plugin update then put in a help desk request and it will be reviewed. This process shouldn't take that long.


      The best thing to do is to email updater at homeseer dot com. If you attach your plugin to the email, do not attach it as a zip - the HS email server will bounce it back to you. Attach the plugin with a .zzz extension instead.
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