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    HDMI Matrix Swicth


    I am looking for some inspiration / ideas for setting up and controlling an HDMI 4x4 Matrix switch.

    I have three TV's all of which are controlled by HomeSeer and X10 modules. So these have either values of 0 or 100, OFF or ON.

    The matrix switch allows me to send 1 of 4 HDMI inputs to any of the 4 HDMI outputs. I have 3 Inputs, Cable TV, PC, XBOX. The matrix switch can be controlled by IR and i now have a Global Cahce IP to IR unit working.

    So, i have been controlling the TV power for some time, what would be the best way of integrating the HDMI matrix control.

    Would setting up additional values for each of the TV's work, so that the TVs have Status of OFF, Cable, PC or XBOX? I'm sure an X10 ON command sets the value to 100?
    Or do I create set up 3 additional devices to just show the what the current output is?

    I was also thinking of having the X10 TV on command cycle through the HDMI Outputs?

    Does any one have anything similar and working?
    How did you set it up? did you encounter any issues?