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    Windows Tablets

    I've seen a couple of people reference using windows tablets in their setup's and am interested in what people are using / doing. Want to replace an android tablet by my front door and it seems like it might be time to rise. It looks like there is a way to make Metro apps borderless and float on the desktop and also ti skin windows using rainmeter or Stardock's apps. With this being in a common area I would like the interface to be a little flashy. Anyone got any ideas/recommendation?

    I can't live without my InControl:

    I mostly use the direct interface using all windows computers/tablets/phones but guests and family members use the InControl interface.

    Haven't had issue and the WAF is 100%


      Does it have to run full screen or does it work ok as a window? I want to have several things going the screen at one including clock, weather, visualizer, music remote, etc. Ideally I would just have certain buttons for different status' and events.


        oh yeah, sorry, forgot to mention.

        So with windows 10 preview, I am able to window the incontrol and put all sorts of windows up on the screen on my main touch display. It is a slate 7 by Samsung (was thinking of going with a different one soon for a boost of speed) and before windows 10, I had to "dock" the incontrol which wasn't conducive of the look I was after. Windows 10 solved that problem and therefore, I went with that solution as soon as it was available.

        I just looked at it a moment ago and noticed the browser now has voice control -- beautiful...


          Ok cool I bought a winbook off eBay. Can you post a screenshot of what your interface looks like?


            Very nice Tom!

            It would be great to integrate a Kinect with the InControl interface.

            The Kinect wouldn't look too shabby above my largest (for play right now) capacitance touchscreen.
            - Pete

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              This is the interface customization tool I am planning on playing with on the tablet if anyone wants to check it out.