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Monoprice Z-Wave "Shock" Sensor

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    Monoprice Z-Wave "Shock" Sensor

    Noticed that they now sell these :

    Has anybody tried them yet? How well does it work? How sensitive are they? Will it detect any other kind of vibration?

    There was only 1 review and it talked about detecting the vibrations of a breaking glass., which makes me wonder if it works with other vibrations.

    And more importantly, does it work with HS3?

    I would love to know an answer to this question as well. I have an install I would like to do where I would only care about the glass being broken and not motion. I don't particularly like having a standalone alarm just for glass break sensors. I thought about going the route of having all the sensors and alarms work through a DSC panel, but official support for that seems to be faltering.

    Another way we may accomplish this completely inside HS would be through tilt sensors (like for garage doors). Almost all windows being made now, that are installed at the right height for break and enter, are tempered safety glass. So, if someone breaks it, they break all of it. The tilt sensor will end up on the floor.

    I would still prefer the shock sensor to work. The sensor could detect the activity before they succeed and perhaps turn on all the lights to scare them away.

    Any thoughts, HS crowd?