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August Smart Lock with August Connect WiFi

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    August Smart Lock with August Connect WiFi

    I was interested in the August Smart Lock with their August Connect WiFi.

    Info at:

    Can this work with Homeseer. I like this solution as I could then use a better Bolt Lock such as Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt featuring SmartKey on the outside and place this on the inside...

    The downside is the lock is $249 and the WiFi kit is $49. $300!

    The other lock systems look great, but they all seem to be using standard cheap easy to pick or bump unlock designs. Was hoping to find one with a better key system...


    I bought this. Been working flawlessly so far. No key, no bumping or picking! I did buy two and put one on back door as well to have a redundant entrance if 1st fails...
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      Thanks. That's the one I've also been looking at.

      Best Buy actually carries the August lock. All I have to say is that it is HUGE!! Big round thick... Think I'll go with Yale.

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        how would you like it to work with homeseer?


          Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I just purchased the latest version of the August Smart Lock and wondered how others (if anyone) have integrated it into Homeseer?

          I didn't realize until too late that there was a potentially required 2nd product, the August Connect, that adds WiFi capability.

          I called up support and the guy said that just by itself, the latest version only has Bluetooth for working with smart phones, but that it will work with Apple Homekit. So I will be able to use their proprietary iphone/android apps to lock/unlock, or have Siri do it for me. I know someone has created a homekit plugin for Homeseer and I'm hoping if I can control homekit devices from Homeseer then I should be able to lock/unlock this device. Anyone have experience with the Homekit HS3 plugin?

          If I buy the August Connect, then I can only use their proprietary app to connect to the August Connect when not at home and it would translate from Wifi to Bluetooth to operate the device. He said he didn't know of any 3rd party application or api that could control the device.

          So I'll be setting it up with Homekit later this evening and will report back what I find.

          Please let me know if any of you have already used this product!