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Blink(1) USB RGB LED notification light

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    Blink(1) USB RGB LED notification light

    Hi all,
    I just bought a blink(1) on Amazon for less than 30$, and wanted to share how handy and easy it is for Homeseer users to have very sophisticated notifications using a blink(1) and simple events.

    Blink(1) can be operated using command-line instructions that fit well into HS events.

    Blink1Control is the GUI application for hooking events to blink(1) and is the primary user-level application for controlling blink(1).
    Using Blink1Control you can setup the patterns of colors that you will use in your HS events, and just paste them in your event(s).

    I am now using blink(1) in conjonction with timers and a virtual device to get and take care of alertsand notifications for mails, SMS,security system check, trash can day reminder etc. using priority levels in order to have the most important notification active.

    Blink(1) can also be linked easily to HS using its IFTTT chanels and, why not, the new HS IFTTT chanel:
    "If new Gmail the blink red" or even "If Gmail arrives then run a HS event (blink with pre-defined pattern) ".

    I found that blink(1) is a very nice device for HS users, I have no doubt that scripting and events could be enough to take the best out of it, without even a plugin.
    Visit zee e-maison :

    Hi Pierre,
    today my blink(1) arrived, but I can't get it running with HS3 .
    Can you give me a full description what to do ?



      I've got it running !
      Very nice


        my blink(1) works for --red, --blue, ........--<color>
        but not for parameters like --playpattern "-1,#ff00ff,0.5,0,#000000,0.5,0"
        and it's not blinking.
        Have I overseen anything ?