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Using a Keypadlinc in 6 Button Mode with Load Toggle

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    Using a Keypadlinc in 6 Button Mode with Load Toggle

    I'd like to use my KeypadLincs in six button mode to keep the larger buttons at the top and bottom but have the top button act as a toggle on the load and use the bottom button as it's own scene controller. However, from what I can tell when in 6 button mode the KPL will only allow using the top and bottom buttons as discrete on and off respectively for the attached load.

    I realize that I could just put it in 8 button mode and leave the larger key buttons in place, but the physical mechanism of those buttons seems to be that depending on which side of the large button the pressure is applied to one or both of the underlying switches will be closed, but while in six button mode mode those are internally linked. Mark's plugin does not appear to allow internal linking between multiple buttons on the same KPL; I've also tried creating compelmentary groups, which does seem to create the links, but to no effect on the KPL itself.

    So the only option I can think of is to use a Homeseer event to sync the two buttons depending on which one is pressed. Has anyone accomplished this?

    Of course, this probably varies with the version of keypad linc that you have, however, I've had pretty good luck with it. I have several that I made into seven button units (one big button at the top and six small buttons, keypad in eight button mode).
    What I found that worked was linking the two buttons together at the keypad itself (instead of through the plug-in). Link A to B, then link B to A. It's been a while, but I think I either cross linked with the plug-in too, or I had the plug-in read the links I manually created, then used the sync option.
    Anyway, add manual linking to what you are trying. It's the only way I could get it to work the way I wanted.


      Thanks. After digging into Mark's plugin, I was able to get 90% of the way there using the Button Groups function. The bottom two buttons worked as expected, and the A/Load button would respond to B, but B still won't turn A/Load on (thought it seems fine to turn it off).

      I'll try local linking on the keypad itself as you've suggested.


        I've gotten the A and B buttons grouped using local linking as you suggested, and everything toggles in sync as expected from the KPL itself, thanks much. Now the only thing that doesn't seem to work right is if I turn the device off via HomeSeer, the B button does not turn off.

        I know I could create a group and/or an event to turn off the B button when the load/A is turned off by HomeSeer, but I thought that the "Sync linked responder devices" option on the device config via Mark's plugin should take care of this.