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DIY replace old Brinks/ADT with DSC 1864

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    DIY replace old Brinks/ADT with DSC 1864

    Hey all,

    Thoughts from the experts. I have an current Brinks/ADT system. I want to get rid of them and the cost and install my own DSC 1864 with the wireless board. I would like to utilize some of my hard wired but go more wireless.

    So what is the best way to swap out the boards. I want to make sure I match up the wires from old to new. Any links, diagrams or videos to make something like this easier.

    Also, when I cancel ADT will they come rip out the old stuff and make a mess of the current wires or it all that old equipment mine?

    Looking to make this as easy a process as I can and looking for others who already did this and things they would do different.

    Once its all done then I will integrate it all in with HomeSeer!

    thanks for the help

    I just installed my 1864 using this video. The channel likely has all you need to do what you are hoping. I didn't go with any wireless, but did go with Spud's Envisalink. It's fantastic!

    And for different - I would have run more wires! With Spuds plugin, all my doors, windows and motions for alarms can be triggers. I would have alarmed the pantry door with a contact just to turn light on etc and utilized more direct wire DSC motions as they are cheaper and more reliable.
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      Thanks for the info!!!