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    Outdoor PIR


    What do you use for outdoor security?

    I'd like to add outdoor PIR around the house.

    I already have z-wave and Insteon tech. The PIRs could also be wire to my Elk M1.

    I have floodlights controlled by an Insteon switch. But I wish HS be notify when there is motion in my backyard.

    Also, here in Quebec, winter are probably too cold for battery operate PIR.

    I'm just using 60-639-95R-OD GE/ITX sensors under my eves connected to my concord panel which is integrated to HS3. so far have worked fine for just over a year through 1 winter.


      Here long term have Optex sensors (>10 years) never touched and they have been fine.

      For play have tried a couple of different outdoor PIRs (Rokonet and Luminite). Rokonet is bigger than the Optex and more of a commercial style design. Luminite is smaller and directional.



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