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Boot from DVD - sort of off topic but not completely!

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    Boot from DVD - sort of off topic but not completely!


    I'm trying to carry out a system repair from my system repair DVDs (because of a HS server issue - long story).

    My HS runs from Windows 7 Bootcamp on mac mini.

    To start the repair I need to insert the last disk of the system repair DVDs - that works fine. Then once Windows finds the system repair files, it asks me to swap to Disk 1 to start the recovery. The problem is that because I'm then on the Windows recovery screen, I cannot eject disk 2 to replace it with disk 1. It doesn't auto eject.

    Can I transfer the contents of the two recovery disks to a USB and run it from there? Or could I connect another laptop to be the disk drive? There must be a relatively straightforward solution but I'm not sure what is the best? Thanks

    Gotta love MAC. There should be a little hole where you can use a bent paperclip to eject the disc.

    Might be your only option?

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