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Samsung Smart TV on HS3

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    Samsung Smart TV on HS3


    I have a 6300series 3D Samsung TV,
    connected by WiFi (can be connected by Ethernet)

    A PC with HS3 standard.

    AeonLabs Gen5 USB.
    RFXtrx433W USB 433.92Mhz transmitter/receiver.

    An IPad with a Samsung Smart-View and myTifi App which control the TV remotely
    (suffer the same standard problem that they cannot switch the TV back on).

    I have read some posts from two to three years ago.
    - Has a working plug-in been made for HS3?
    - Is there a walkthrough of how to get these things to turn on in the morning, change to a channel and turn off with HS3 events?
    - Can anyone tell me if they have achieved it, and the technology 'plugins/script/code' and 'devices/hardware' they used?

    Thanks for reading

    You can turn it on with IR but that's as far as I got with mine. The mediacontroller plugin can push to the TV via dlna. This also had some remote functionality built in but I don't think I could ever get it (the remote part) to work properly.

    Have an experiment with mediacontroller plugin but you will need a seperate IR controller to turn the TV on in the first place.


      I have 2 Samsung TVs that I am controlling in a number of different ways. As Matty says you can use Dirk's MediaController plugin as a remote (over IP) to control everything except the switch on. I am also now using Rien's Harmony plugin, which integrates the Harmony Hub capabilities, though that still uses IR. To turn on the TVs without IR, you can use the ExLink/Service port to send RS232 commands if your TV has this. Both of mine (2009 and 2012 models) have a 3.5mm stereo port for this. You need a custom 3.5mm to DB9 cable. In my case, I have a custom 3.5mm to RJ45 at the TV end, then a custom RJ45 to DB9 going to a serial server. I then use drule's Serial / IP plugin to send the RS232 command over IP to the serial server which sends the command on to the TVs. Let me know if you have ExLink ports on your TVs and if you want to try this and I can dig out more info on the cables and commands.



        So Options

        (1) Control it by IP (DNLA)
        with Dirk's MediaController or Global Cache IP2IR sender plug-ins to change channels etc however does not turn ON from Standby/Off.

        (2) Use IR
        Using Rien's Harmony plugin + Harmony Hub which will sort ON/OFF

        (3) ORS232 Commands
        Using the 3.5mm service port which will sort ON/OFF.
        Hardware needed is a custom:
        3.5mm to DB9 or
        3.5mm to RJ45
        Drule's Serial / IP plugin is then needed.

        OK So I have attached a photo, I have the service port, can we explore this route before falling back on IR? Thanks Matty and Cherry

        Kind Regards
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          I have just been thinking about my setup - I will need:

          USB to RS232 (Male)

          RS232 (Female) to rj45 (Female)

          rj45 (Female) to 3.5mm (Male)

          Do these look - like they will do the job?
          Do not worry about having two RJ45 to 3.5mm - they look sturdy. I also have 2 Samsung TVs :0
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            On the IR front, you can also use a Global Cache IP2IR sender. If you have HS3 Pro, there is a free plugin. There is also a paid 3rd Party plugin which is probably a better option if you only have HS3.