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    Coming back?

    Howdy. Been a while. Glad to see the old-timers from a decade ago are still here. Had to create a new account; I guess that happens after so long.

    I was a HS1 and HS2 user way back. Jumped ship for Cinemar's MainLobby. Believe it or not, that was initially just a Flash front-end for HomeSeer. Things change. But ML hasn't changed enough; so it's time to move on.

    Still using Insteon with ISY and Elk M1G. Irrigation stuff has gone from ADI/Ocelot to Elk to Rain Machine. Thermostat is now ecobee (though may dump that). AV is old-school Rotel and Russound with Linux KODI for movies and RPIs with Squeeze and other stuff for music. Power management is Ubiquiti mFi - I see that's not supported here.

    Replaced basic ML stuff with OpenRemote - server runs on RPi and client on Android. But it's way too under-supported and won't be moving forward quickly any time soon. So...

    I see that HS3 now supports GUI / touch clients on Android and Windows.

    I'll do an upgrade of the old HS2 to HS3 Pro and need a bunch of plugins.
    ISY / Russound / Elk M1G / whatever else.

    Biggest focus is usable touchscreen Android systems for Russound and Rotel AV stuff. Lighting and security after that. Irrigation, thermo and cameras last.

    Any cautions I need to know?

    Any advice for an old-timer coming back to the new stuff?

    Any input for how to handle the stuff there isn't a plugin for yet (power management / cameras / etc)?

    Hi Gregory, welcome back! I guess I'm one of those old-timers

    I currently don't use HS Touch as I've focused more on automation rather than control. Having said that, I have played around with it and it didn't work well for me which I have chalked up to a low-powered system and too many devices. I plan to upgrade my HS server in the winter and will give it another try after having done that. There should be updated plugins available for most things you are looking for. There's also an mFi plugin here: and a few camera systems supported including "streaming" from cameras to HS Touch touchscreens. There's also an Ecobee plugin under development by the same author as the mFi plugin. If you end up dumping it, there are a number of other alternatives for thermostats. I don't believe there's support for Rain Machine, but there are other options for irrigation control.

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      Have no advice for you... sorry, but welcome back.


        Welcome back

        For HSTouch client you may want to check out the tide of Intel Baytrail atom-based devices that are being sold for $100-150 and comes with (full) 'Windows 8.1 w/ Bing'. These devices are windows and android compatible... some come with dual-boot option from the get go.

        Personally i'm tinkering with Pipo X8 (desktop controller form factor, has wifi and rj45) and Pete uses Pipo X7 (tablet model).
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