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Question about the power in HomeTroller

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    Question about the power in HomeTroller


    How many devices (different nodes) can HomeTroller S6 / PRO handle before it is too slow or hangs up?

    I want to find a solution instead of Vera Edge that I have today.


    Hi Alexander,

    It really depends on what you mean by devices as HS supports many hardware devices that will have multiple child-devices. If you're talking z-wave, then over a 100 physical devices would be do-able. I use my own hardware which similar hardware to the S6 and have about 70 z-wave physical devices along with numerous other devices that are supported by other plugins.

    HS 2134 Devices 1252 Events
    Z-Wave 133 Nodes on one Z-Net


      Welcome to the Homeseer forum Alexander.

      Before Homeseer 3 in the last few days of Homeseer 2 many users did comparative metrics relating to number of variables, plugins, scripts, hardware plugged in and events running. The seasoned long time Homeseer users had hundreds (literally) of each running.

      Above two there were many DIY hardware build endeavors relating to what type of hardware (CPU & memory) worked for what.

      So really best guess your stuff asking questions. Look at what you have today and want tomorrow. Ask users what they are doing; well just like you did. What you may consider a large build may be a small build to other Homeseer users or vice versa.

      Relating to Homeseer 2 my two last boxes were one light and one heavy. Both small footprint with one being an Atom based D525 and the other a fast Intel Core Duo. Both did OK for small and medium automation build outs. They also worked for larger build outs but the Core Duo was more of a workhorse than the D525 (both 64 bit).

      Today doing similiar with one box being the RPi2 running Zee-2 Homeseer software while the second box is running on an Intel Haswell / 16Gb of memory. Not pushing HS3 on either box right now and both do just fine. The big box though is running as a LAMP server concurrent to Homeseer plus runs a Wintel VB in Buntu Linux 64 bit. It is not breaking a sweat. Many Homeseer users have just purchased large multicore boxes with much memory and set up virtual multiple OS boxes doling out CPU and memory as they see fit per instance of a VB.

      HomeTroller S6 / PRO handle before it is too slow or hangs up?
      I do not think anyone that has purchased this hardware has taken it to the limits yet.

      Maybe though when Homeseer 4 or Homeseer 5 comes along a few years from now?
      - Pete

      Auto mator
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      HS4 Lite - Ubuntu 22.04 / Lenovo Tiny M900 / 32Gb Ram

      HS4 Pro - V4.1.18.1 - Ubuntu 22.04 / Lenova Tiny M900 / 32Gb Ram
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        I think i have around 150 (real) devices that created about 600 HomeSeer 'devices/nodes' within their system, with about 50 events and my cpu still hovers at less than 10% on idle.
        I run my Hs3 on an asrock c2550 system (intel atom quad core), which i think is comparable to the s6.
        HW: HS3 w/ Win8.1 on ASRock C2550d4i. Digi AnywhereUSB, Hubport, Edgeport, UZB, Z-trollers, PLCBUS, SONOS, GC-100, iTach IP2SL, WF2IR, IP2IR, RFXtrx433, Harmony Hubs, Hue, Ademco Vista 128BP, NetAtmo, NetAtmo Welcome

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