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Garage door opener/monitor for newer style units

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    Garage door opener/monitor for newer style units

    Does someone have something in the works for the newer style garage door openers which use a digital wall unit, instead of the simple push-button?

    Both my newer Genie units and my new Liftmaster use digital units and it seems like the only thing I can currently do is buy the MyQ ethernet module for the opener, string an ethernet cable across the garage wall, and then spend another $40 for the MyQ plugin. Seems a bit ridiculous, IMO.

    If this is my only alternative, I will take the more direct approach and use one of the z-wave relays and solder the two leads to one of the remotes.

    Hoping for some insight.

    How about linear garage door unit(z wave), but it's like $90. Or build a sensor n relay using my sensors (few bucks) and plugin is free. Someone on the mysensor thread did just that.

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      I ended up doing just that. I soldered leads to one of my remotes, and then attached them to a Zwave dry-contact switch. Works great. As far as the plugin goes, I tested it, and I really think the remote hack is a better solution.


        Thanks guys

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