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Aeon Multisensor 6 (ZW100-A)

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    Aeon Multisensor 6 (ZW100-A)

    I see that Homeseer has the Aeon Multisensor 6 available in their store now. I've been eagerly waiting for full HS3 support of these before purchasing some of them. A couple of questions....

    1. Is a new version of the z-wave plug-in required to fully support it? is the latest released version but I do see a available as a beta.

    2. Will homeseer be supporting firmware updates of it using HS3? From some previous posts and the Aeon support website, what I've seen indicates you need an Aeon z-stick (which I don't have) to be able to update its firmware unless the z-wave gateway vendor packages the firmware updates for it as part of their product.

    Can someone give a real-world example on how the vibration support could be used?
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      I guess if you mounted it to a door, you could detect when the door was closed. Could be used to turn on a bathroom ventilator.

      Steve Q

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