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New Touch LCD for Pi

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    New Touch LCD for Pi

    Seems kinda cool. Could see some usefulness from it. Especially if you could run hstouch on it.

    Bit of a post yesterday about it -

    I suspect you can run HSTouch on it as I ran HSTouch on the Pi1 OK (apart from the issues with the Linux HSTouch client and some graphical issues that are/could be probably resolved fairly easily) when it was first released.


      This is an interesting development and would make a great in wall touchscreen if assembled correctly, especially since it appears designed specifically to have the pi mounted on the back, whereas many of the third party offerings for the pi still have clunky power and signal cables sticking out of the side. Looks like the display can be pi-powered, so if you can get enough juice to the pi via POE or a POE type solution, I bet you could have this in wall with a 2-3 gang box behind it to house the pi bump with a little space for cooling. Now we just need one of you smart guys to right a tutorial on how to get this running.

      Of course, the 7" tablet I got a Sam's Club for $79 would work well too, but I'd still have to get power to it, it likes to drop its wifi connection and there is no hard-wire LAN option.

      The two pi's I have running as minecraft servers for the kids have an uptime of about 8 months without missing a beat thanks to the APS connect UPS they are connected to (small UPS for low draw devices like routers and pis). This would give a highly reliable Touch solution.
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        What a great idea!

        I am currently running my Openpeak touchscreens using POE today with absolutely no issues.

        Have been testing up to 15 of these clients running HSTouch for wintel on embedded Wintel with SAPI. Works great.

        Oldest touchscreens here are running on ARM 200Mhz CPUs.

        Here as Adam mentions relating to Homeseer 3/2 touch I have had issues running the HS3 Linux touchscreen client. (really with just about any CPU in Ubuntu (ARM, Intel or AMD)). IE: it's broken and has never been fixed.

        The HS3 client for Linux has never really been updated to run on Linux; well probably cuz no one uses it.

        Recently also tested a Mimo USB connected monitor to the PiPo X7 (W10) concurrent to larger multitouch monitor and it worked just fine running HS3 touch on the two monitors.
        - Pete

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          The big deal is that this could be a popular 'default' target for in-wall HSTouch installation... so we can have a standard preset distro for it, templates, skins, whatnot... we can possibly pool our development resources toward a single agreeable standard, rather than spreading it thin among the many many different platforms.
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