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Largest HomeSeer Install?

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    Largest HomeSeer Install?

    I was in a debate with a neighbor about the capabilities of HomeSeer vs. other hubs. One of the obvious advantages of HomeSeer is that, because it's PC based, it can be put on a dedicated machine that can handle a very large number of devices and events.

    What's the largest number of devices and events that HomeSeer can handle? I personally have a small / medium-sized install with only 200-ish devices (two-thirds virtual) and 50-ish events, but I know many others have a lot larger.

    For those with a large number of devices, do you see any performance issues?

    If people can run dozens or hundreds of devices on a ZEE can you imagine what's possible on something like a dual CPU server? The big dogs like Crestron all use dedicated hardware that can't be as powerful as what you can build at home. Not by a long shot. Now I'm also sure that C4 and Crestron systems are more efficient because all of the hardware is programmed for specifically.

    On a side note, some of the Crestron stuff is pretty awesome! Like the HDMI matrix switches. Seen those? It would be nice if HS could control them.
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    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


      Mine is fairly loaded with a mix of Z-Wave, OneWire and Arduino devices. I have 158 Z-Wave nodes and quite a few of those have several to many child nodes. Currently I have 1280 devices, 21 plug-ins and 985 events. It is running on a low-power (~40-45 watts) quad core Xeon server and it is barely taxed. There are 115 Modules, 193 threads at this moment. I am sure there are limits, but I have seen no lags or delays and my CPU utilization always runs under 20%, memory about 2gb. I would guess there would be no problem running a full Z-Wave compliment of 232 devices and even a second Home ID with more.


        I think it is one of those things that you can have a far reaching system in terms of different interfaces and plugins which makes a system far more involved, have a limited number of devices/events and bump against some hardware limitations. You can probably have an empty (no plugins) HS install with 60,000 devices that behaved itself because it is not really doing anything else.

        When I have missed off a little bit of code in a loop to create devices in a HS script/plugin I have ended up with many thousands of devices before I have been able to stop it and sort it out. Short of some web page loading delays HS kept on running.

        Is there a limit? 2147483647 might in theory for the device references to run out, quite how HS would behave with this many devices is anyone's guess!


          I think the bottleneck might be in setting up and administering the system. I have a medium installation (700+ devices, 15+ plugins, on 4 core avoton cpu) and the cpu idles at around 15% and never goes above 40%, even when i'm pulling the (web) hs3 admin interface from a desktop client... Yet it takes 7-15 seconds for the browser to finish loading and showing the devices.
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