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wrist pulse taker that talks to homeseer

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    wrist pulse taker that talks to homeseer

    With the many IOT devices, has anyone seen a device that can continuously monitor a pulse and update to HS via IFTTT or zwave or another way? preferably a wireless watch type device, but would need to monitor the pulse wither all the time or once every 10-15 mins
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting

    Maybe ask Moskus to add it to the FitBit plugin?
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      Bumping an old thread, as this has many applications in a smarthome...

      It can potentially tell whether the user is awake/asleep, relaxed/stressed, well/unwell... etc.

      I only know of Moskus' Fitbit plugin right now, which is excellent... albeit Fitbit can (automatically) record when the user sleeps, unfortunately it only updates the the 'sleep start' and 'sleep end' variable when the user wakes up.

      Perhaps if we can get the heart rate reading, then we can infer when the user is asleep or not.

      Other than Fitbit series (Charge HR, Surge, Blaze), a few other activity trackers also features continuous heart rate monitoring but not all of them offers automatic activity/sleep detection. The few that I know that does that (+ doesn't need to be charged every night) are: Basis Peak (going to end its service on dec 2016) and Garmin vivoactive HR and vivosmart HR+.

      Anyone know of other suitable products?
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