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Connecting G-Ware to XAP800 - serial to USB

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    Connecting G-Ware to XAP800 - serial to USB

    I had no problem installing the G-Ware software and getting the XAP800 connected to the PC via serial USB cable. However when trying to connect the G-Ware software it only gives the option of connecting to COM1, when the serial to USB cable is actually on COM11. Any ideas?

    The COM4 is for the Zstick, LPT3 connects to dinosaur printer and the COM1...there is no serial port on the back of the computer so I'm not sure where that is, but either way it's not being used.
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    Just a hunch and i am not sure about it but maybe the software is only able to see com 1-8
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      I messed with AP800 very briefly before i got my XAP800s. The software was so clunky and it was limited to only COM1-4. The G-Ware is much less clunky but may have retained that limitation.

      It seems changing your z-stick's com port would be easiest.
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        Wow you guys nailed it. Never changed a COM port before, but all the COM ports were used, up to COM8, except for COM2! Switched it to that and now the software has connected with the XAP800. Thanks guys!