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The importance of verifying backups

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    The importance of verifying backups

    I learnt a very valuable (and somewhat painful) lesson last weekend. I run a VMWARE ESXi server, which housed a number of virtual machines from web servers, through to email, media, and home automation.

    Over time, I had been consolidating the virtual machines, but was having issues with serial port passthrough's, and USB to serial connectors so decided since I was no longer using half or more of my virtual machines I would revert the machine back to a Windows base, to do the Media, Home Automation and some weather stuff, and since the machine is fairly beefy it would be no major issue handling those tasks.

    So i did a whole machine backup, stored on my NAS and went about wiping the drive and installing Windows. The install went fairly well, and after what seemed like a lifetime of Windows Updates, I was ready to restore the backup.

    So i connected to the NAS, copied the 1gb backup across to the machine and went to uncompress it, and got an error, the Zip file is not recognised or corrupted ...... oh sh#t what do I do now.

    Fiddled around for a bit, and no luck. Thankfully I did have another backup, mind you that was from 2014 so not exactly current but at least it had most of the devices in it I actually needed (e.g. Lighting, Motion Sensors, Door & Window Sensors), then I just needed to update all of the plugins, re-install new scripts and try and get back to where I was before.

    The moral of the story, is don't think a backup procedure is 'set and forget', a proper backup procedure should also confirm that the backup was successful, can still be opened and so on, otherwise should disaster strike you may be stuck up a creek without a paddle.

    Thankfully I was lucky having an older backup, but I certainly learned my lesson!
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    indeed. I use BLBackup and have the last 30 days of my entire HS directory backed up to 2 separate drives ( one is cloud storage) i would HATE to have to start HS from scratch
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting