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HS3 running on Windows PC / migrating on new box of tricks Linux based

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    HS3 running on Windows PC / migrating on new box of tricks Linux based

    Hi all,

    I am patiently awaiting delivery of a HomeSeer HomeTroller-SEL-PRO Home Automation Controller.

    This I understand is Linux and my current PC setup is Windows. Am I correct in thinking that there is no easy way to migrate all of my content over to my new box if tricks. (Event etc)

    Same applies to the USB Z stick. Will this just plug and play?

    Thanks in advance



    Will this just plug and play?

    It cannot hurt to try.

    It appears though that the SQL DB's in Windows are not easily transferred over to the SQLite DB's in Linux.

    Z-Wave on the Wintel Homeseer 3 is different than on Linux Homeseer 3. Thinking it is just nomenclature stuff.

    1 - you already should have /usr/local/HomeSeer running on the box.
    2 - shut Homeseer 3 down and copy over the directory somewhere else
    3 - export your Wintel SQLite DB's to a USB stick (with Windows Homeseer 3 off)
    4 - import your Wintel SQLite DB's from the USB stick to the running Linux Homeseer 3.
    - Pete

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