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Harmony hub extender for zwave

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    Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for this info. Post #78 put me on the right track and I can now control my living room lighting (z-wave via HS3) with my harmony remote. I can use the on/off and up/down buttons for brightness control. I did have to reboot my harmony hub after setting this all up as things were acting a bit quirky, but after the restart, all is well. Thanks again!


      Originally posted by integlikewhoa View Post
      Yes, thanks for noticing that. I just tried to edit it and it doesn't show the space in the edit only when it posts. It was also a copy and paste. I tried to copy and paste it right again and still for some reason when it post to the forum it automatically puts a space every time.

      So I hope that doesn't screw up more people down the road.

      EDIT: I was able to force it as a url using "[.url]" and "[./url]" and it closed up the space now. Thanks again!
      Hi integlikewhoa/All,

      I'm using it now for a while, and it work verry good.
      I'm wondering is it possible to update the status of a device in de HA-bridge, when the device is controled in HS3?
      It would be nice
      Do you know where the 3 lowest command lines are for in the screenshot?

      Regards Paul.
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