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Questions from a UK installation

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    Questions from a UK installation

    Refresher on automation in the UK

    Question 1.
    Hi all, I wanted to seek some advice. I am looking into Fibaro relays for the sockets. Is 2.5kw or 2x1.5kW better for a double socket?
    Also if you draw more than the 10A - what happens? Is there a fuse to protect the module?

    Question 2.
    I also wanted some advice on electric window blinds or rollers, which Fibaro module do I need? What should I be looking for in compatible blinds, does anyone know of any UK blinds up to the job for Home Automation? They would be wired into a fused spur with a HomeSeer module behind.

    Question 3.
    I have started to experiment with HSTouchDesigner - I was wondering, if there is a place to download some pre-built packages by others? I am a little confused - where to find information or how to put a device like a FOSCAM in to it, or plugin's for maybe coloured bulbs, telephone, or email interfaces etc?

    Kind Regards
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    The socket issue has come up before - I think it is a bit of a grey area really and I am unsure of the stance of the wiring regs with respect to it (I've never read the regulations so that is no surprise). If you use a 2.5kW module then there is nothing stopping you plugging a 3kW load into it, then you are reliant on the protection in that module to protect it from over current. Who knows what protection (I would imagine there is some, but who knows there may be none - if none you could be in some trouble but then again 500W may not be drastically over it's limit to the point of fire, just running warm) is inside and if it is a fuse then you are going to be taking the socket on and off the wall to replace it whenever that happens.

    I would guess one method is to use some intermediate fuse that limits the socket to 10A but then I would always be mindful of marking the socket and trying to stop people from plugging a 13A load into it.

    I would wonder whether or not you would be easier trying to wire back to a central point and protecting/controlling there or embedding the module in your device to control it instead.

    Q3 - Not really, confusion is unfortunately commonplace with the designer, certainly the help file is a worthy read but other than that I would read around as much as you can.


      Hi Smokeycoles,

      Note! For extra protection against overload, the mains distribution board or box must contain quick trip circuit breakers of below by at least 1Amp or exact. (please consult an Electrician)
      For question 1. I suggest to use a mixture of brands to achieve much (more than your goals) if indeed you are using HomeSeer.
      Links to source your materials in UK:
      Amazon UK

      You can also find these on Amazon, sometimes on a good deal. You do not need the the Lightwave controller for these. You need an RFXCOM RFXtrx433E. It can control much more and has a plugin in HomeSeer.
      It can be found here:

      Look here too for good deals:

      For Question 2.

      I looked at these: but never had a chance to do them. You may have to modify them with the Fibaro modules to your end game. Again if you are using HomeSeer you don't need the Fibaro controller.
      You can also source YouTube videos on how to do many things you want to.

      For Question 3.
      Learn how to use Photoshop. If you already know then it's a good start. Plus look here for inspiration:
      There are a lot helpful guys on that forum who will guide you. For HSTouch, it's a bit of hard work. I have never finished mine. It's as I see it a work in progress must I need to make changes. And once started don't forget to save, save and save your work. I didn't and when the workstation broke down I lost all my work.

      Look here: for graphics and more if you don't want to sit for long hours at your desk but I must warn you that they are expensive. The programing of HSTouch is doable if you put your heart and time into it. For example you can create hidden screens which have on
      them multiple buttons that can be programed to control multiple tasks or events. So when you click no your best (visible) screen things happen automagically. But also you don't have to overload HSTouch. You can do the heavy duty programing on the server and just have HSTouch have just simple tasks.



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        1. As mrhappy said. This issue has come up before. If only there were Z-Wave equivalents of the Lightwave sockets...

        What is your primary reason for wanting socket level control?
        Do you also need local control of said socket(s)?

        I have a situation here where I have an outdoor double socket controlled with a 1x2.5kw Fibaro, however this socket is supplied from a separate 10 amp breaker. Local control is achieved with a separate push-to-make switch installed at the side of the socket. Something like this and this.

        You could do something similar indoors but it would necessitate installing additional back boxes to house a fused connection and switches in addition to the socket. Like this.

        Is it possible to use plug-in or in-line modules on the appliances? Something like this may be useful in the location of a TV/SAT/DVD etc.

        2. No electric window coverings here but I have a friend who is successfully using the Fibaro roller shutter 2 units with mains voltage Roman blinds. One thing that comes to mind looking at your attached picture. Is it intended to have local control at the window? If so, do you need another back box installing at light switch level for the up/down switch(es)?

        3. For me HSTouch has been a lot of trial and error and the designer does take a bit of getting to grips with. I've been using it since it's launch and it has got better but the documentation is poor. Adding cameras is pretty straight forward and is in the help file. Until recently camera support was quite poor bringing the client app to a crawl over a slow 3G connection, however it is a lot better with the latest versions of HSTouch server and client. I'm using Axis camera products and I'm getting pretty decent frame rates at medium resolution over slower 3G and as good as real-time over 4G and locally over WiFi.

        I'm currently using a number of different HSTouch projects. For my wife (Android) and 2 daughters (iPhone) I have created basic projects so they can just do the things they need. For my phone (Android) I have a more complex project. We also have 2 Android tablets which are dedicated to home control and these are using yet another project.



          For more on how to do cool camera viewing on screens. Nice when watching TV, look here:

          Instant viewing when the tablet or phone is not in your hands. And while not relevant to your topic take a look at this:

          Enjoy man and welcome to the club!


          The quickest and probably easiest way to find your answers to your questions on the forums is to click on the author's name (especially the developers) to see the their posts and hell will all come home!
          N.B I'm not a pro but just ask questions like you and of course love HomeSeer. Prepare your self for sleepless nights and good luck!


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            Hi Smokeycoles,

            You might aslo take a look here:

            Their prices are not bad.


            TinkerLand : Life's Choices,"No One Size Fits All"


              And from here:

              You can do extremely insane things and also your window blinds.


              TinkerLand : Life's Choices,"No One Size Fits All"