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    Everything said about iPads is not true if they are jail broken. If they are, then all limitations can be removed. I have several in the wall. They never disconnect, they go to sleep without disconnecting when no one is near, and they wake up automatically on motion in the vicinity. They also have plenty of nice looking frames on the market. My opinion is that they have a better overall finished look, and the functionality perfect, so long as you are willing to jailbreak them, which is quite easy.


      iPad's are not unreliable. They are the most reliable machines I got around here. It is HSTouch that is unreliable. Used it since day one and gave up last year.
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        I prefaced what I was saying with you have to jailbreak. You can't get the same function outta a stock iPad. I also don't see the point in hacking something if I have an easier and cheaper option.

        I have 2 iPads and 2 iPhones. I think the product is solid but off the shelve can't do what I want.


          I have an iPad (2nd gen, iOS 7), a Nexus 7 (2nd gen, Android 5.1), and two Dell Venue 8 tablets (windows 10) all running HSTouch 24/7. I leave the screens on all the time for all of them, but display a screen with a dark image when the tablet is not in active use.

          • Android "daydreams" a clock after 30 min. Just a touch of the screen brings HSTouch back. No connection problems.
          • Windows 10 will spontaneously display the Start screen at unpredictable times (usually not at night or on weekends, though ). A swipe from the left and a tap on the Client app brings HSTouch back. Only one connection problem since they went into service that I cannot reproduce. Could be related to the OS, which is still updating frequently and is a bit of an annoyance.
          • The iPad has the most trouble staying connected, but reconnects quickly after closing HSTouch app, putting the iPad to sleep, then waking it up and restarting the app. It appears to be the most sensitive to RF interference (microwave oven, mostly). It's also running the most complex set of screens with lots of images that need to be updated regularly.

          Overall, I've been extremely pleased with the performance of all of them, and WAF is high. I do suspect that a newer iPad would likely perform better, but the problems are too minor and the display is too good to justify replacing it.
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            I have several iPads mounted in the wall using iPorts. They are powered on all of the time from the iPort, so they never sleep.

            I would lose Wi-Fi once in a while but just installed a new ASUS RT-AC68U router. I use the 5Hz Wi-Fi for the ipads and they have been super responsive and stable.

            The iPorts are pricely but have been rock solid and look great. They just came out with a new Surface Mount that looks pretty nice and powers from POE. I also love the Launchport- hopefully someday the optional buttons will interface with HomeSeer.
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              The usage scenario I have in mind is an iPad in-wall, on 24/7 on the HS3T app. Someone mentioned about that it sometimes disconnects? Is that because you lose Wi-Fi for an instant, or ?

              The idea is that these guys would be on 24/7, and wouldn't ever need to have the app closed and relaunched in normal operation.


                Originally posted by mikedr View Post
                Someone mentioned about that it sometimes disconnects? Is that because you lose Wi-Fi for an instant, or ?
                I am having the trouble and am testing the different issues raised in this thread now. The direct LAN connection has helped a lot, I am currently testing if it remains stable when I leave the screen on or if I have a router issue.

                I was getting some screen freezing today for about 15 seconds when it reconnects after sleeping so you have to poke the buttons a few times but that seems to be associated with either the RSS feed in weather reconnecting or something else in the background (it only seems to happen once after reconnect then it is stable until it disconnects - probably due to screen off sleeping but am still testing).


                  Is it rooted (jailbroken)? If so, I can give you some ideas.


                    Originally posted by Automated View Post
                    Is it rooted (jailbroken)? If so, I can give you some ideas.
                    It is not currently jailbroken but am not against doing it if necessary.