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Help me spec out my system!

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    Help me spec out my system!

    I am excited to get my home automation project up and running but I need help with a few of the details.

    What I have already
    Schlage Connect with Z Wave Door Locks
    2GIG CT-30 Radio Thermostat With Z-Wave
    ELEC CCTV 8 Channel DVR and Security Cameras
    3 Android Tablets To Install In Walls

    What I Plan on Buying
    10 Jasco Z-Wave On/Off Wall Toggle Switches
    2 Enerwave ZWN-SC7 Z-Wave 7-Button Scene Controllers

    Now that you know my setup here are my questions.

    What hub would be best to use.
    I run a Dell Poweredge server at home 24/7 should I buy a z-wave stick and use it as the hub or go raspberry pi?

    What Homeseer Software HS3 or HS3PRO?
    I would like an icon based interface that's not just an icon with the name of what its controlling but is also easy to use for my girlfriend and guests

    Last Question can I connect the CCTV setup I have or do I need to use IP cameras?

    Thank You
    Any advice would be helpful