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    I had to exclude, master reset, include, re-pair the bell. Now... I have the unit playing different tunes depending on which door is open. However, it plays half of one tune then half of the next tune. WEIRD!

    Also, every time the door opens it finishes the last half of the tune and cycles to the next tune, so second half of 2, first half of 3. Next time second half of 3, first half of 4. I'm going to have to hire a guard to run around to all the doors.


      I've tried a reset as per instructions, excluding and including once again. I have three events for three doors. Each event senses the door opening, then sets parameter 6 to sound 2,3, or 4. Sound 1 is the doorbell itself. I get half of one tone, half of another tone and maybe the doorbell chime thrown in for good measure.

      Has anyone seen anything like this?
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        So...if I go to device management, click on the device, click on Settings > Set Configuration Parameters... then I enter 6 change "Select a Ringtone to play" type 2 or 3 or whatever, click auto size... then finally click SET.

        The next time I enter the same routine, I get the word ERROR in the value
        (decimal) box. I have no idea why, however I am convinced there is a bug somewhere that causes my multiple chimes issue. Any ideas or suggestions?
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          Originally posted by collegeboyslive View Post
          easyest way to make a Homeseer doorbell is get a zwave door sensor, throw away the magnet, run 2 wires from the screw connectors inside ( they are for a remote trigger ) to a regular doorbell push, add some script to homeseer to tell it what to do when the button is pressed and your done.


          Well, I tried that to no avail.

          Any suggestions or diagrams? That might help a lot. Thanks!


            So, after fighting with the Aeotec bell, the supplier agreed to replace it. Amazing the difference. The metal door is no longer an issue and the tones that were getting chopped off are playing perfectly.

            HOWEVER, the moment I plugged the bell into the PC to upload my bell mp3s, I got a warning from Microsoft Defender. There was an autoexecute file that would have transferred to the PC and installed key logging software!

            1. Thank you Microsoft!
            2. This was a sealed box that obviously came from Aeotec or its supplier, so beware.