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Apple TV gets Over the Air TV via Channels app & HDHomerun

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    Apple TV gets Over the Air TV via Channels app & HDHomerun

    To get Over the Air TV in Apple TV need an app called Channels ($15-one time cost). You also need HDHomeRun ($79 -1 tuner) or the HDHomerunExtend ($159 - 2 Tuners). With HDHomerun connected to the network(LAN) you can enjoy Over The Air TV is any room that has Apple TV or TV that is dlna compatible.

    This is great because we normally use Sling app( Dish networks for $20/mo), Netflix and Over The Air TV for most of our TV needs. With the Channels app we won't need to switch between inputs and use multiple remotes. You could just use your Apple TV remote for everything.

    baby steps...starting again with HS3
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    Thanks for posting. This is cool. Not sure that I will do it, but it is nice to know that the capability exists. I do think that it was a wrong decision for Apple not to support cable cards and/or antenna service.

    Or at least have a expensive offering.
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