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Ethernet thermostat is the mythical unicorn?

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    Ethernet thermostat is the mythical unicorn?

    When we built our house this year, we prewired the heck out of it to allow us to go 99% wireless free in our home automation saga. We don't run WiFi and our cell phones are time and geofenced to forward calls to our VOIP phones when we are in our house. Yes, that is how anal I am - "wireless" is a dirty word in our house. Why is it that I can get wired components compatible with Homeseer for everything except thermostats (door locks notwithstanding). Is there such a thing as an ethernet-based IP thermostat compatible with Homeseer? Is this the mythical unicorn that nobody else cares about except for whole house wired junkies? The only thing I see are hub based IP thermostats with proprietary interfaces to the hub, which then connects to the outside world, and those I don't think would even work with Homeseer.

    Any leads to this missing piece of the puzzle would be appreciated!

    How about these: It should be possible to interface to HS, but I don't think anything exists currently. Alternately you could employ an RCS serial thermostat for which there is an existing plugin.

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      I still have an HAI Omnistat2 integrated into HS via a Cat5 cable (although it's a serial connection). Supposedly HAI made a Ethernet module for the Omnistat2 (part #65A09-1) but I have no idea where you would get one.

      I have a script for it that someone else on the board graciously gave me that I would be happy to send you a copy if you get one.

      Come to think of it, I have been thinking about replacing it with a Nest so if you want a good deal on it (as well as the custom serial connector I hacked together) let me know and we can work something out!


        It doesn't surprise me, if only because not that many people have CAT5 running to their thermostat. 15 years ago I had an RCS serial unit, and they allowed for this by permitting the "box" to be installed anywhere, inline from the furnace/air handler to the thermostat.

        That said, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to try one of the wireless options. We have three Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats, and they've been rock solid (except for one that inexplicably lost its backlight!). There are also a bunch of Wi-Fi ones.

        I get that wired is always preferable to wireless, but the z-wave ones are good.


          Here I continue to utilize my Omnistat 2 with my Leviton OmniPro 2 serial connection which is serially connected to Homeseer 2 and IP connected to Homeseer 3.

          Personally I have never have had interest in a LAN or Wireless connection of any type directly to my thermostat.

          The Omnistat 2 replaced the Omnistat RC-80 which actually worked just fine for many years.

          The two above mentioned thermostats work fine with no dependences other than their connection to the HVAC in the house.

          I do now see the wireless thermostat in a new home as a cost savings effort relating to the cost of the wire and an easy button no work installation.

          Not much else these days.
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            Look at BayWeb Thermostats


            The connection is via Cat5 to box at furnace with standard thermostat wiring from there to thermostat - so retro-fit is a little easier.

            The program control / scheduling is in Cloud but no WIFI.

            I've had them for 5-6 years and they work great.


              Thanks everyone for the ideas. An update -- I finally got around to picking up some Proliphix thermostats (IP/ethernet-based) that are NIB, but are discontinued for 5 years now. The IPThermostat PI works intermittently (too many polling collisions that the Proliphix thermostat can't handle with them and it's been a frustrating weekend trying to get them to work.

              I heard about the Omnistat option before, but can't find any place that stocks the ethernet interface. The RCS thermostat PI can't handle multiple instances of thermostats. And Bayweb doesn't have a HS PI due to its proprietary protocols. I'm thinking of doing a Z-wave work around, as proposed by me in this thread:


                The BayWeb has a simple straight forward API, so a PI should be pretty simple to write.
                It is on my list....