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Properly reporting Z-Wave battery dry contact sensor

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    Properly reporting Z-Wave battery dry contact sensor

    I raised this in an unrelated thread, and figured it deserved its own.

    I have a bunch of EverSpring water sensors that don't properly report battery life. The only other battery devices I have -- Schlage Z-Wave locks -- do.

    I'm looking for a dry contact sensor that people have had good experience with reporting battery life. Options include:

    Aeon's ZW097
    EcoLink's DWZWAVE2 (door/window sensor, but has external contacts)

    Does anyone have experience with these properly reporting battery life?

    Battery Devices

    Similar issue with MonoPrice Z-wave door and window sensors. Each one has a battery entry in device manager and they were set at 100% when they first connected to the Z-Wave network. These devices only wake up when something opens the switch. Is there a way to get an updated battery status at that time?
    My Schlage lock seems to update as time goes on and I would assume it occurs along with other Z-wave events having to do with the lock.
    John Broadfoot


      A lot of these devices are supposed to be able to be programmed to report battery life every X hours. There's some disconnect going on. For example, HS3 queues polling for when devices wake up, but for some reason it doesn't grab battery life.

      Not sure what the solution is -- definitely I wouldn't mind seeing HST look at this issue. Right now, I just replace batteries in all my battery-powered devices every year.


        Thanks for replying. It is good to know that HS3 should queue the polls till the device awakes.
        I thought this might be the case and figured the MonoPrice switches weren't responding when they were awake.
        I also have a couple of concealed door switches from AEON Labs; however, they also still report batteries at 100% after about a years use.
        Because people in other threads are discussing nice ways to report and notify based on battery status, it appears this shouldn't be difficult. Wonder what types of hardware they are using?


          Some devices do report battery life well, for whatever reason. I know that Schlage locks do. I'm curious about how well the ZCOMBO smoke/CO alarms will.

          I still think that something isn't being done correctly at the HS level. There are too many devices that don't report battery life correctly. I would understand if what they report is incorrect, but I don't see anything being reported.