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Any way to use hstouch to repeat what I say/make announcements?

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  • mrhappy
    Some years ago I did help someone do something similar I think in HSTouch, they had a text box on a HSTouch screen and a button. The button then passed the contents of the text box to a script on the HS server, the script then spoke out what to say. I'm not sure what to search for to get that post but have a look for hs.speak in the HSTouch forums might be somewhere to start.

    In terms of voice sampling and replaying then I can't see you are going to be able to do that without some app but I'm not sure what is out there in all honesty.

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  • Edvins
    I'd be interested in this as well!

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  • Any way to use hstouch to repeat what I say/make announcements?

    I would like to use my phone/app to repeat what I say through my connected sonos system. It doesn't necessarily have to be my voice. Maybe my voice to text to whatever server voice I have installed then out through the sonos? Bonus points for homeseer knowing the difference between a spoken command and me making an announcement and only repeating announcements not commands.

    For example, me saying "Announcement, blah blah."...then it sends it through my sonos.

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