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    Outbuilding Security Suggestions

    Hey Guys. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    I have a 3-car garage with windows outbuilding that I would like to setup with security and fire monitoring. I can't find the system I want so not sure if it even exists. Here is what I currently have.

    In my house (50' away) I have full DSC system and Homeseer Zee S2 with HS3 running. I also have Z-Net controller in the garage on the same LAN so I can use HS to control the furnace Thermostat.

    I was thinking about just adding some Z-wave motion sensors and smoke sensors but really want a siren too. I realize I can set security events like this but feeling like I wouldn't get the same security as I would with a DSC panel.

    What I am ultimately looking for is a low cost all-in-one security panel that I can plug-in communicate with my HS Zee S2. I see DSC has some of these but I have only found them available as full systems with a bunch of sensors I don't need. I really only need one motion and one Fire with siren as a minimum.

    Again, thanks for the suggestions.

    What DSC panel do you have today? More than likely you can simply add to your existing panel to get what you want. I installed the PC1864 a while back to replace a smaller builder-installed DSC panel. I added an IT-100 serial interface (Envisalink ethernet interface is also available). Depending on the panel, you can expand with wired or wireless sensors, additional sirens, and could even partition your garage off separately from the house with its own siren, keypad, etc. The individual parts are easy to find, and much is available on the HomeSeer store.
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      As per my other post in your Envisalink thread, just add a remote expansion board (pc5108) to your existing panel. They can be 1000' away and need a 4-wire cable to interconnect. How many zones do you need? The same wiring can be used for keypads and you could set it up as a separate partition. I would use something like a pc5204 power supply for the board and it can drive an additional siren.

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        I believe there are a lot of places that sell DSC equipment ala carte, including HST.