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    I have a Humax satellite receiver that i would like to control. I want to be able to create events using it.. Like for example when the football game is about to start
    1. send me notification
    2. switch on the lights
    3. turn on the tv
    4. go to channel no.XYZ on the receiver

    is this doable without a plugin designed specifically for that humax satellite receiver?

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    It sounds possible:
    • If IFTTT can know when the game starts (Can it ?) and the channel
    • Then IFTTT can send you a message
    • and IFTTT can tell Homeseer to send IR commands for TV ON, channels etc

    Obviously you would to ask a question in the IFTTT section of the forum, and sort out the IR equipment

    Good luck !


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      These things always sound easier than they actually end up being. If you do get the channel info from somewhere and try and do this automatically then you need to consider how you will interact with the unit if it is already on a TV channel, what to do if the lights are already on, do you want to interrupt existing programs etc.

      You are often better off just having a manual button to set the lights and channel...
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        I didn't mean that exact event. So, I won't need to know the game time or channel. Ifttt is not very reliable from my experience. What I mainly need is to control the humax satellite receiver. I need to do basic things like on, of, and channel control. Can global cache devices be used to do things other than on and off (me actually controlling the receiver) where I can use the commands in creating automated events?


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          Can this be used with homeseer global cache plugin to control ir devices and create events?


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            Originally posted by Ramymounir View Post
            Can this be used with homeseer global cache plugin to control ir devices and create events?

            That is what I use to control my receiver and it has been working flawlessly for years.