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    Originally posted by hockeypuck View Post
    Is this good event logic to toggle on and off?
    This is what I did to get mine to toggle. Using your logic with a small modification and the setup from above the buttons work flawlessly now.

    Thanks to all of you for helping to fix this!


      Thanks to DMT and Hockeypuck, I was able to get my new controller working!

      bebaldin, you're image link seems broken - what did you do that was different in your logic?

      Thanks to all!



        Try this link and see if you can see the image. I couldn't get it to post here for some reason:


          Is there any way to get this controller to have a status of "off"? more specifically, I don't care what the status actually is within homeseer but I want the led to turn off.

          I am using two buttons to control volume (one triggers a vol up event and the other a vol down event). When I press vol up I'm OK if that LED lights up for a moment but I would like to somehow send a signal (through another 3rd event?) to the controller to turn that scene off which would then turn off the led.


            I haven't found a way to control the led in the panel or the status in HS. It turns on and stays on. Only thing that is sent from the controller is an on command that I could see.