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Z-wave thermostat with WIRED external sensors

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  • mikedr
    I looked into this when we were replacing thermostats -- our non-z-wave ones had remote sensors. The one you found was the only one I could find, too. I ended up going with the Honeywells, because I wanted a "circ" option on the fan.

    Oddly enough, I replaced Honeywell thermostats that look identical to the z-wave Honeywell thermostats -- and the non-z-wave ones had remote sensor capability.

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  • sickpuppy
    started a topic Z-wave thermostat with WIRED external sensors

    Z-wave thermostat with WIRED external sensors

    I have three zones. What I want to do is literally throw Z-wave thermostats into the back of my basement rack and forget about them and then just use the existing wiring runs (that terminate where the old thermostats were) to support wired external sensors?
    Any ideas for products?

    EDIT: found that the RCS z-wave thermostats support wired sensors
    Any others?
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