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    This looks interesting

    Barcode scanner for your trash can
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting

    I and people on here have implemented not dissimilar things with barcode scanners, scripts, shopping lists and the like. In practice I found it to be of limited value, not all UPC codes were available on databases needing manual input, fail to remember to scan it, how to add a quantity value when you scan to name a couple of things. I'm not convinced it will take off myself.


      Or you can simply ask Alexa to add it to your shopping list . Works like a charm.


        Originally posted by Gunneyk View Post
        Or you can simply ask Alexa to add it to your shopping list . Works like a charm.
        I use it all the time, but my wife insists on writing it down. How do you get your family to use it exclusively?
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          Wife had me hide the Amazon Echo behind furniture.

          That said she continues to write her grocery list on a paper tablet stuck to the refrigerator and yelling/arguing with the 40 year old female parrot in the house.

          How is the Amazon Echo working for you Rob transport wise?

          Many years ago used a bar code scanner to catalog my DVDs for a software DB. It worked fine at the time.
          - Pete

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            It will be pretty easy for me to get the family to use Alexa.
            I do the shopping and I have been using an app called out of milk. The family is already used to asking me to add something to my apps list.
            The carrot and stick is pretty simple.
            If you don't ask me to add it to the list I don't buy it. I won't take a paper list and it took a couple of times of not buying things that they finally decided to play my way.
            My daughter is old enough that when she comes complaining that we are out of something I reply that you didn't ask me to add it to the list and if you want it before I go to the store again you can buy it yourself. I only go once a week.

            Now that I have Alexa working I will start telling them ... If you really want it go tell Alexa.
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