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Should I register with myHS or not???

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  • Should I register with myHS or not???

    Hi, I just received my first HomeSeer hardware, a Home Troller Zee S2. I am soon to walk through the setup guide. I see that at one point it says or suggests(??) that I register for the MyHS cloud service.

    Should I do so or not??? I'm new and learning... I want to be able to access my automation while out in the world and I use an iPhone. Is this service required if I want to use HSTouch or HS3Touch??? And which of those should I use??? Do either of those apps work with iPhones??? I saw one FAQ that might have been dated that said HSTouch was only functional with Android devices...

    Can someone educate me so I can know whether to try to skip that step of registering for MyHS, if I can even skip that if I want???

    Any help would be much appreciated... thanks... bob

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    You only need myhs if you plan to access your system outside of your lan. This includes hstouch.


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      Let me add there is other options to access your system outside of your lan, but myhs allows you to do it thru a homeseer proxy server without anything extra to do.


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        Would you consider the MyHS approach to be secure from hackers and such?? And are the other methods things like VPN and Port Forwarding??? I've never done a VPN and have done Port Forwarding but certainly not an expert... And if I start using MyHS and then decide against it later, I read that you can delete that account/connection, yes???

        thanks... bob


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          It's way better than opening ports. That's the last thing you want to do. I would say yes it's secure, but a VPN will probably be more secure but much more complicated to setup.

          I am sure you could have the account removed if you wanted, but I think it's low risk and the benefits outweigh the risk imo.


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            thanks much... I appreciate the help... bob