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Windows 10 Insteon PLM 2413U

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  • Windows 10 Insteon PLM 2413U

    Pulling my hair out, I migrated over to a new box running windows 10 (quantum byte) and for the life of me I can't get the PLM talking to Homeseer or Houselinc. Have installed the drivers from the Smarthome site and the different versions from FTDI's site ranging from the newest to the previous generation. It's been forever ago but I remember installing drivers to get it working on my win7 netbook.

    The weird thing is that windows shows the USB serial port on com3 as fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Also weirdly with the USB PLM plugged in the Smartstick+ won't talk to HS3 but as soon as I unplug the PLM it will work. Knowing some of you out there are running this box on Win10 hopefully it's been run into before..


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      I am using the Quantum Byte with windows 8.1. I had a similar problem with X10 and the SmartStick+ but mine was resolved by running the X10 directly from the side USB port and the SmartStick+ with a hub from the back with one of the USB ports. It looks like there were (virtual) com ports created when installing the device drivers with the 4 port hub.

      Thought it might be worth mentioning in case it sparks an idea although I don't use an Insteon PLM. Quantum Suppliers in FL were also very helpful with regards to PC OS/Hardware issues although they don't support the third party hardware direct. They might know something if you phrase it in a way that the USB is not responding when another device is plugged in but fine with a single device. They did mention that they were having some hardware issues with Windows 10 and recommended I wait to upgrade.


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        Thanks for that advice I'll try some more combinations. The ups gets picked up too with no issue. Looks like on the smartphone forums people had issues too.


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          Another idea, I have a windows 8.1 box that worked before, is there a way to run the hsinsteon plugin remotely? i tried it with the server= and it connects then abruptly disconnects. I would be fine with this arrangement as even a permanent solution since Insteon is just being used for lighting so when the server is shut down in an outage I won't be losing anything.


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            Anyone? My main lighting control is dead in the water