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Icon error and stuck

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    Icon error and stuck

    I was changing a "Device Image" on virtual device I have created. I put in the wrong path and now when I click home or view and try to select that room nothing will show and it gives an error. If I got to a different room then where that device is I can see them.

    So how do I manually get to that device so I can fix my mistake?

    Exception generating device utility page main view table (0): Illegal characters in path.-> at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional) at System.IO.Path.GetExtension(String path) at A.c50372b7acae91f8c739d7107e5598a0b.c5cc8d582ee2ea4b5d40e016 5dab27e8e(DeviceClass& c4b38a8fefb7c6c6762c5e3f414c6b06a, String& c5cf16dd7453ad8833a9fe1d95cfb0363, String& c3077dab52c52d06a85d24d87b987c272, Boolean c4e41bb388272f73dcce2ba30e3641cc9, Boolean ca6742b40ebf76c2f96bc1521cee58f9c) at A.c50372b7acae91f8c739d7107e5598a0b.c8b8ebb36d61b7bf5834fb9a 7b94f57da(DeviceClass& c4b38a8fefb7c6c6762c5e3f414c6b06a, String& c5a0f5550890c87c700d0dc68b1f1914c, String& cc996b373cc4b12602710ece538b52411) at Scheduler.DeviceUtilityPageBuilder.GetStatusRow(DeviceClass& dv, clsViewSortStateData& VD, String tablecellclass) at Scheduler.DeviceUtilityPageBuilder.GetStatusPage_MainContent (String UserName, clsViewSortStateData& VD)

    Well I bit the bullet, I tried to filter out anything in the room that was not a virtual device and then I delete everything in that room, along with that one device that had the error. SO i'm up and running again.