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Remotec ZRC-90us on Homeseer

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  • Hi All,

    So here's the things with these units:

    On the latest firmware they wake up with any button push and transmit that back to the controller - that is then interpreted via your scenes to do whatever - make sure the "Do not update device last change time if device value does not change:" flag is UNCHECKED on the Central Scene Child device - things work great..........

    Where they fail:
    Because they cannot be configured to have any neighbour node (because they're a controller I presume) IF they cannot reach their associated controller the LED flashes 4-5 times to signal no handshake and then they go back to sleep, the command doesn't get received and the controller won't do anything. This I've analysed is due to range and most of the time, pushing the button again manages to get the command through to the controller and things are good.....but still far from ideal.

    If you think about it it makes sense - a device on the edge of a transmission range, or a busy network will get sporadic send/receive success but by moving them to a separate z wave network reduces contention on the network and their probability for a command to get through . If these devices where able to be configured with a neighbour node (they are Z- wave plus after all right) then this issue would go away because of the store/forward/mesh network.

    So in summary, they work IF the network isn't busy or they're close to the master controller. A fix is needed to allow their neighbours to be configured.



    • We seem to be off-roading here. It does not matter if "Do not update device last change time if device value does not change:" is selected. I have 6 of them and this box is selected on all of them. The real secret is the Trigger you use in your Events. You must use "This Device had its value set to..." not "This device changes and becomes..." as your trigger.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	51.9 KB ID:	1289933

      Another thing I wrote about last year in this thread is that they will fail to work properly on a very populated Z-Wave controller. Since they are a controller, the entire network has to be sent to them and they apparently do not have enough memory to handle a very populated network. Mine would not work with my primary controller with 85 nodes, but do work with controllers with less than 50-60 nodes. I don't know the magic number, but it was repeatable on each of the 6 I included.

      I do not know if this has been addressed in newer firmware, but Rich and I were able to prove the above in 2017 when I added my 6.
      Randy Prade
      Aurora, CO

      PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


      • I'm considering these as well I just want them to literally mimic the buttons in the devices page e.g. for light X one button effectively push up (dimmer) and another down. Would this be made easer if I just drop in another Z-NET Network-Connected Z-Wave Plus Interface on my network up by the devices and run a dedicated Zwave network just for the ZRC-90's? Any thoughts folks?


        • Randy,

          Thanks for the "This Device had its value set to..." advice. Worked perfectly. I have 141 nodes but it still works. I do have problems contacting it (Failed to reach the node) but it is close to a Z-Net and responds quickly.