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    This is my "cat automation" allowing us to take trips for a weekend without a sitter (could go for probably 2+ weeks if our cat wouldn't get depressed):


    Water Fountain (Ceramic is best):

    10lb Feeder:

    ScoopFree Crystal Automated Litterbox:


    LitterWorks liner refill


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      I know that this topic is very old, but maybe my answer will help someone in the future since I spent a lot of time to find the right information.I have had a Littermaid for about 3 years now. You are correct that the box does not turn on & clean out the clumps until long after the cat leaves the box. My 2 cats appeared to be a big freaked out by it the first day or so that we had it, but the calmed down & got used to it pretty quickly. Neither of them has ever been afraid to use it or anything. We have one Litter Maid & one standard litter box.

      Overall I like the Litter Maid because I H-A-T-E cleaning out litter boxes (this, IMO, is the ONLY downside to owning a cat), so it's nice that it scoops out the clumps into the recepticle & closes it off so that I can empty it every few days or so.

      The only complaint I have is that my Litter Maid is not exactly maintenance-free. No matter what brand of clumping litter I buy, the rake often seems to get stuck at clumps that are stuck to the bottom of the box. It tries a few times to get through the clump, & eventually it gives up & stops with the rake halfway down the box until I come reset it & manually scoop the clump. It also has a tendancy to scoop the litter up on one end or into a corner occasionally, which also causes the rake to get stuck (even if there are no actual clumps in it, just loose litter piled up too high for the rake to get through).


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        I have a couple of LItter Robot Open Air’s. They work great. I had large chests made to house them as litter gets thrown everywhere when the cats leave. I empty them once a week mainly to keep the odor down.
        I also have a pillar pet feeder. It’s like 12 years old but still works flawlessly. I’m not sure if you can buy them anymore. I kept looking in their website for the new model that’s been coming out for like 10 years now. I haven’t been to their website in a while though.


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          Litter Robot now has IFTTT integration:


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            I have a litter robot open air, it's awesome. I empty the bin once a week. I had a chest made for it to go into because my cat would throw litter everywhere, and it helped keep the odor down. We got a kitten that even after grown wasn't heavy enough to set off the presence sensor, so I put a motion detector in the chest and a tilt sensor to make sure the globe turned within 10 mins or HS power cycles the unit which empties it. I do have to send them in every couple of years and pay 150 to have new sensors put in because apparently the position sensor gets corroded by moisture because I don't use clay litter or so they say. I use a Perfectpetfeeder as well, I bought it in 06, so it's 13yrs old. I don't think theyre making them anymore, as I've been waiting for at least 5 years for the new replacement which has never materialized.