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PCS ILR10K LED Resistor

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    I thought about that, but I thought I would have more protection with my homeowners insurance in case something goes sideways..

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      Originally posted by ServiceXp View Post
      Ok I received my PCSILR10K LED Resistors today. Installed one on my more problematic LED circuit. It appears, to have solve the intermittent flicker. More time is needed to be sure..

      I'm a little concerned how warm they get. I recorded 105F after 3 min of running with no dimming. I doesn't appear to have help the Bulb Noise though..

      Some pics.
      thanks for posting... larger than I would have guessed from the product photo. I am guessing this is a 10 watt wire wound resistor, based on the size. 105 F is not really that hot. Most computer CPUs run quite a bit warmer than that and they are doing much more! Each core of my processor runs up to 55 C (131 F).

      Originally posted by mterry63 View Post
      Personally I'd buy this instead: which includes 10 resistors for less than half the original cost.
      10 watt would be better in terms of handling the heat, I think...
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        Power dissipation for a resistor is (V^2)/R, so 125VAC across 10K is
        (125^2)/10000 ~= 1.6 watts. So even a 5W resistor provides plenty of margin.


          Originally posted by macromark View Post
          Has anyone tried this yet? I'm wondering if this would actually allow LED bulbs to be used with 2-wire dimmers. In that case, this would need to be wired at the fixture, since the load and neutral wires would be there.

          I went ahead and tried this at home using a GE 45612 2-wire dimmer with the PCS resistor installed at the light fixture. It works but not with all LED bulbs. The Philips bulbs we recommend on our comparison chart do not turn off unless they're mixed with a Cree or GE bulb. So, you may need to experiment a little here. However, if you use the right bulbs, the switch powers correctly and the bulbs will operate.
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            Here going to give it a try with a few new cob style LED's that I have installed in one curio (4 lamps which are 3 or 5 watt).

            Note will be giving this a test with a UPB switch. Right now dimming works but only one level of dimming such that it is on/off/40% dim and to get it I am having to dim down to 2%.

            I used to use these types of resistors for LED 1 watt cree lamps in the middle 2000's. I recall that the test lamps were mounted on metal heat sinks using regular CPU paste to keep them cool.
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