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    Originally posted by mikee123 View Post
    So what do I need to copy ? I would like to run HS3 on my wifes laptop too then I could use that to control and create devices too
    HS should only run on one system. You would access it from your wife's laptop using a browser to change configurations, etc.
    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


      Originally posted by mikee123 View Post
      So to backup my system I backup the homeseer directory for example C:/Program files/Homeseer and copy that to a backup USB stick. How do I turn Homeseer to off ? Just exit and close Homeseer or is there more to it ?
      Yes, just click on the x in the top right corner.

      You would need to install HS3 on your new system using the normal installation method and also the plugins. Then copy your backup over top.

      HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
      Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


        Yes as Al writes above.

        While Homeseer 3 is one software automation program; it is doing multitasking of many sub automation sub processes all simultaneously and all talking to whatever hardware you have connected.

        Four (and more) back up and restoral methods mentioned here:

        1 - image of the partition ("C" drive)
        2 - directory copy (wherever it is at)
        3 - HS back up database and restoral.
        4 - 3rd party authored scripts / plugins that will also back up and compress the Homeseer directory while Homeseer is running.

        This morning's term of scalability comes up relating to Homeseer 3. Software / Homeseer is easy relating to scalability. You can keep it simple say with 10 switches and just utilize on and off times relative to sunrise and sunset. Later you can utilize sensors to automate follow me lighting. It really can be whatever you want and it doesn't all have to happen in a matter of a couple of days. Take your time with it.

        Baby steps and you will appreciate and enjoy your new home automation.
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        - Pete

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