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Dual Z-wave frequency hardware setup

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    Dual Z-wave frequency hardware setup

    I've actually asked around all over reddit for this while my email was blocked from registering until after the fourth try, so i'm going to copy paste my "problem" here:

    "I'm in a bit of a bind because I live in Asia, Philippines to be exact, where there are no set Z-wave standards yet. I've been plagued with the problem of both EU/US frequencies because I need to live on 220V which means switches or anything to do with electricity, I will have to settle with EU frequency. 868 IIRC. However, I also want to purchase the wealth of product options available in the US: door locks, sensors, etc.,

    I've asked this question on the HA subreddit and was suggested to ask the homeseer forums but since my registration failed twice already, figure i can ask here first.

    Same poster said that there were some Asian members using both frequencies by using a hometroller and znet interface? Or a PC running HS and znet or an extra zwave stick for the other frequency. One of the main benefits either way is that there's still only one GUI/software for both frequencies.
    Wondering if anyone can shed light on how this will work? I'm set on purchasing an EU/US zee-s2 and then need some info in figuring out how to access the other frequency after that. (What to buy and what options in the software to integrate them after.)
    And i've done my research and i think i'm confident that both US/EU bands are free here."

    So any of those running both frequencies please let me know your setup or how it works? Thanks!